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2013 was the year I got to know about Ayca through a good friend of mine. Back in that year, I was in a turmoil both in my personal and career life and was feeling stuck and exhausted. Within a couple of months that I worked with Ayca, I was able to eliminate the stagnation in my life, regain my personal power and I have attracted back-to-back career opportunities both at my home country and abroad. Due to accepting a career opportunity abroad, I was able to triple my yearly income back then and life has become a quite enjoyable journey going forward. Later on, life happened and Ayca and I haven’t been in much contact for a while during which I have encountered some issues in my life that created certain traumas in my nervous system. I became a tense and frustrated person who was giving out negative vibes and I started to feel stuck again. Ayca noticed these negative changes during a phone conversation and we decided to work together again. These last couple of months we worked together has been a transformational journey for me. Once again, I am much more at peace with myself, life and career. And for one more time, I attracted back-to-back career opportunities due to the strong synergy we created per our coaching calls. I levelled up into a higher position in my career within a period of 3 months after we started envisioning my further career goals. I am very grateful to have Ayca as my coach as part of my career and life journey and look forward to achieving other amazing goals with her in the future. If you have an enticing vision and you resonate with the power of right mindset and great vibes, make sure you contact her. You will be so glad you did.
Mehmet Ceyhun Kokturk
CFO/Director of Administration, Koza Gida


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